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Aston Martin DBR3S LM Metallic Green Paint 60ml

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Aston Martin DBR3S LM Metallic Green Paint 60ml
This has been pre-thinned ready for Airbrushing.

This paint was matched at Silverstone Classic GP (2015)
Aston Martin DB3S (1953-56) Engine 2992cc S6 DOHC (later twin plug) Production 31
Registration Number HSK 110
Race Number: 260 Wolfgang Freidrichs

What are Basecoat Paints?
Basecoats are Solvent Paints being either Metallic, Mica/Pearl or Solid colours, which require a clear coat. They can be colour matched to almost any 1:1 car and motorcycle. The colours are mixed using a formula which guarantees a perfect reproduction of the original colour.

Start by removing all mould lines from the body, using various grades of abrasive paper P400 - P1000
Most manufacturers of resin and plastic kits use a mould release agent to allow castings to release better from the mould. The release agent prevents the paint from adhering to the parts. For this reason you will need to remove it from the body/parts. This can be done by cleaning the body with Key and Clean, (available separately), this contains a dual-action cleaner that removes silicones, waxes, other contaminates and contains micro abrasives which help to scuff the plastic so the primer adheres better. Alternatively wash with mild warm soapy water and lightly sand the panels/body with abrasive paper to key the plastic for the primer.

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