Welcome to "Slotfabrik"!

We develop Slotcars, chassis, parts and bodies and offer accessories
and the necessary parts for building complete racecars in scale 1:24.
On request we offer a RTR slotcar building/painting service and
also customized decal drawing/printing in all scales.
We have a huge stock of ZERO PAINTS and ship worldwide

We strive to keep a substantial stock of ZERO PAINTS and supplies, but delivery times can take a
while thanks to "we know who". Contact us directly ragarding real time availability.

thanks to all of you great customers, for the understanding and patience over the last few months.
We very much appreciate it. !!!

ALL PAINTS/COLOURS readily AVAILABLE / Please contact us if you can't find what your looking for !

RoMa SL Hi Shine 2k Clearcoat paint system
Clear paints for airbrushing

Vallejo Model Colors
paints for brushing & airbrushing
VALLEJO MODEL COLOR 17ml Dosierflasche selber aussuchen NEU (100ml ...        

AMG EVO GT3 Decals & 3D Printed Transkit by SLOTFABRIK Shipping NOW!



Ford GT 2019 Lemans Body kit, Decals & Paints available NOW!!
scales 1:24  and 1:32

Ford GT 2019 Lemans Body kit
Ford GT 2019 Lemans Body kit

991 GT3 R Grello Decals neu im Shop
Scale 1:32 & 1:24

991 GT3 R Grello Decals
R8 GT3 LM3 Decals  NEW!!
991 GT3 R Grello Decals
R8 GT3 LM3 Decals

 991 RSR LM 2018 Decals   
991 RSR LM 2018 Decals

 Decal Cockpit new! 
Decal Cockpit new!
 LMP Bodies/Decals - Porsche 919 2017,'16, '15 & '14 now available! 

LMP Bodies/Decals

FFSFK1039 FFSFK1056 2 Slotfabrik Porsche 919 2015 FFSFK1057 2 Slotfabrik Porsche 919 2016

 AMG GT3  bodies and decals now available! 

 SF Chassis for ScaleAuto-Bodies available!!! 

SF Chassis for ScaleAuto-Bodies

Chassis pre-assembled with bodyholders for ScaleAuto-Bodies:
Porsche GT3, BMW Z4, Viper, Mercedes SLS, Audi R8


Slotfabrik multifunctional motorpod assembly.With this setup you are able to mount a bigger, longer or smaller motor to your chassis.Configuration 1. 13DConfiguration 2. 13D Long camConfiguration 3. 18D ( Different motorholder)have fun watching, chassis available (PN) Coming soon slotfabrik.com

Posted by Slotfabrik on Freitag, 30. Januar 2015


Our advice

Set of rims Viper 21x13mm & 21x6mm
Set of rims (2 pieces rear and 2 pieces front)
rear - 21x13 x 15mm ca.3,0g
front - 21x 6 x 10mm ca.1,5g
44,90 EUR
Mercedes CLK GTR Brilliant Silver 60ml
8,49 EUR

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