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Guide Cutter Thread M5

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"The Guide Cutter" is finally available..

The days of snapping guide posts and stripping threads have finally come to an end!
This is one of the best guide cutters available. The revolutionary externally threaded cutting shaft facilities the guide post threading procedure totally,
by eliminating the need to apply any downward pressure on the cutting tool.
Its Travel is also limited so that it is impossible to turn too far and break or strip the guide post .
All you do is position the guide and turn! we use it on our Red Fox 'Gugu' guides.
Cuts super clean time after time after time. To further ease the threading and to reduce wear on the cutter
we recommend a drop of light lubricant on the guide post.
The cutting thread should also be cleared of old material before cutting a new thread.

You'll be glad you grabbed one !!

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