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Beige 1 Interior Paints - 60ml

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1 Week 1 Week (abroad may vary)
8,49 EUR
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1x 60ml of Interiors colour (matt) paint, supplied in a Glass Bottle which has been pre-thinned and is ready for Airbrushing.

This is one of many  popular colours used for interor trim of cars

Auch erhältlich -
ZP-4101 - Brown Grey
ZP-4102 - Stone Grey
ZP-4103 - Pinky White
ZP-4104 - Dirty White
ZP-4105 - Grey Blue
ZP-4106 - Lavender
ZP-4107 - Rose Grey
ZP-4108 -  Beige 1
ZP-4109 - Violet Grey
ZP-4110 - Grey II
ZP-4111 - Olive Grey
ZP-4112 - Coral
ZP-4113 - Blue Grey
ZP-4114 - Off White
ZP-4115 - Medium Grey
ZP-4116 - Dark Grey
ZP-4117 - Ochre 1
ZP-4118 - Cement
ZP-4119 - Grey Green
ZP-4120 - Ochre 2
ZP-4121 - Agate Grey
ZP-4122 - Mink
ZP-4123 - Beige 2
ZP-4124 - Cream
ZP-4125 - Black Leather

1 off : 60ml of colour matched paint, supplied in a Glass Bottle. This has been pre-thinned ready for Airbrushing.

For further information on using Zero Colour Matched Paints please read the Zero Paints F.A.Q. here

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