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SF Chassis LMP 13D

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Weight per unit: 0,099 kg
For 13D Short/Long CAN-Motors!

Shimpment: chassis pre-assembled with bodyholders
(without axle, bearing, guide, guide nut, motor, cable, rims, tires)

Motor bracket for 13D-motors
Wheelbase: 117mm - 126,5mm
Width of chassisplate: 76,5mm
Width axle mounting front: 57mm
Width axle mounting rear: 48mm
Track width front min: 79,2mm (rim 21x3mm,width of rim total 10mm) e.g.: Scaleauto SC2709P
Track width rear min: 80,2mm (rim 21x13mm, with of rim total 15mm) e.g.: Scaleauto SC2421P
Weight of chassis: ca. 99gr (without axle, bearing, guide, etc....)
Weight of Chassis total: ca. 149gr (with axle, bearing, guide, cable, motor 13D, etc.....)

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