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Pink Primer/Undercoat 120ml Airbrushing

Product No.:
ca. 3-4 days ca. 3-4 days (abroad may vary)
10,63 EUR
incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs

Pre-Thinned for Airbrushing
Excellent Sealing Power
Good Filling Properties
Fast Drying
Easy to Sand

Application Guide
Stir for about 2 mins until the ball bearing rattles freely, ensuring contents is completely mixed before use.
Ensure surfaces to be coated are dry and free from all traces of contaminants.
Spray at 15-40 psi.
2-3 coats are recommended leaving 5 mins between coats.
To give a less absorbent and glossy finish the surface should be lightly polished with 1200/1500 wet and dry paper or micromesh.
For additional thinning and cleaning of equipment use Zero Cellulose Thinners
Air drying at 20°C: Dust-free: 5 min, Touch Dry: 10 min and Hard Dry 30 mins.
Relocatable/Applying Basecoat : After 30 mins at 20°C

Please Note :  A few customers have found when masking the model, and when removing the masking tape the primer peels off
To ensure this does not happen please read the following to ensure you correctly apply the product
he Issues are due to the Primer and Thinners in the jar Not being mixed correctly before before applying to the model
If the primer content, which is thick and heavy sinks to the bottom on the jar, therefore if not stirred up fully, all you will be applying is basically Grey Thinners and NOT enough primer which should bite into the plastic and not peeling off
The Zero Primers do NOT have any ball bearing in the jars as 1 customer managed to shake it so hard they smashed the glass, so for safety reasons !

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