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Clearcoat Lacquer 100ml

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1 Week 1 Week (abroad may vary)
9,99 EUR
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100ml of 1K High Quality Pre-thinned Clearcoat Lacquer supplied in a glass bottle.

Instructions for use :
Leave the basecoat colour for 15/30 minutes before applying clearcoat, then apply 1 mist (tack) coat, after 5/10 mins you can apply further coats (we recommended a minimum of 2 single coats allowing 5-10 mins between each), if required you can build up multiple layer to suit your required level of gloss/shine

Air Drying Times at 20ºC,
Dust Dry : 30-40 mins
Touch Dry : 4 Hrs
Full Hardness : 24 Hours,
Thoroughly Dry : 48 Hours. Can be polished after 48 hours at 20ºC
**Do not use over waterbased colour coats

Shelf Life : at least 2 years if stored in tightly closed original containers at cool temperatures.

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